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Students--Looking for Community Service Opportunities?  Check out the list of organizations that may have various opportunities throughout the year.  Remember, a minimum of 10 hours of community service is recommended for each year you are in high school.  Community Services Resource List

Yearbook questions, contact Sheila Corson at 826-8340 or Mrs. Lamb at 826-8370 

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Student Handbook 2017-2018.pdf  (*Check Back...will be updated for 2018-2019)

2018-19 Calendar Board Approved 3 2.27.18 Updated 6.14.18.pdf

Master Schedule for Print 2017-2018.pdf (* Check Back for 2018-2019 Master Schedule once that is completed!)

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HS Bell Schedule 2018-2019 revised July 2018.pdf

STUDENTS: Stay connected, keep informed. Don't miss out on those important announcements & events happening at school. The Weekly Bulletins are posted each week on the main high school page "Key Communications" section. The Bulletins are a very important piece of our school communications. Bulletins can also be sent direct to you at your email in-box if you wish (please contact Mrs. Howe in the office dhowe@omaksd.org to sign up, or call 826-8503 to request bulletin be sent by email). In addition to being posted on our HS main web page (link provided here Direct Link to Bulletins they are announced over the intercom for students and staff at school, posted in the hallway bulletin boards, and often are updated for you daily and scrolled as messages appearing on the T.V. screen in the student commons for you to view at any time). A paper copy of the weekly bulletin is always available for you to pick up at any time in the main office - stop in and pick up your copy every Monday. See Mrs. Howe for any questions.