School Improvement Plan

Omak High School Improvement Plan Goals 

The Omak High School Improvement Plan has four main goal categories: Challenging and Engaging Curriculum,Clear Communication of Learning Goals, Timely Assessments, Communication with Stake Holders. The goals of the plan provide a clear organizational focus that guides us in our School Improvement Planning. This plan needs continuous input from staff, community, families and students.

Omak High School Improvement Plan Goals

Challenging and Engaging CurriculumWe will provide a challenging, engaging, and vertically aligned 9-12 curricula that meet high standards.

Clear Communication of Learning Goals: We will communicate and share learning goals-both long term and short term-with students.

Timely Assessments: We will use a variety of timely assessments to measure student progress and achievement and adjust teaching to ensure high levels of achievement for all students.

Communication with Stake Holders: We will regularly communicate with students, parents, and our community about high academic standards, and student progress through a variety of media.

We will accomplish these goals by focusing our actions on:


P-12 Curriculum

Professional Development

Family and Community Involvement

Use of District Data and Technology

Build upon our Professional Learning Community (PLC) culture and provide PLC training for new staff

Implement 9-12 curriculum, instruction and assessment that is aligned with WA State EALRs (Instructional Pacing Calendars) Effective Instructional Strategies (Develop an Instructional Model)


Develop a school wide professional development plan

Provide inviting opportunities for family and community involvement

(Open House, Parent Nights, Student Led Conferences, Transition Opportunities, Site Council, Student learning plans, Parent compacts)


Develop and implement a school-wide data management system (referrals, grade reporting, progress monitoring)

Provide a collaborative culture through trust, clear communications, and mutual respect

Drive our fiscal support for items that match our SIP

Provide adequate,

ongoing professional development to support implementation of the aligned curriculum

Build partnerships through trust, open communications, and mutual respect

Use data to inform instruction

(MAP, HSPE, Classroom Based Assessments)

Implement an aligned intervention system

(Response to Intervention, RTI)

Provide clear academic and goal setting guidance through advisories to increase post high school acceptance into “college” (military, 2 year, 4 year, tech school)

Professional Development provided: Monday Late Start, RTI, GLAD, Book Studies, Reading instruction, MAPs assessment training, Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math

Clearly communicate both short and long term learning goals of courses and schools to all stake holders

Continue the development of school websites and teacher web pages as communication and resource tools