Lesa Eiffert


Phone: Omak High School: 509-826-8541

Email: leiffert@omaksd.org

Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed. Counseling and Guidance;
Educational Associate School Counselor; 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC);
Certified Prevention Professional (CPP)

Lesa Eiffert

Greetings Parents, Students & Community Members...
My name is Lesa Eiffert and I work for North Central Educational Service District providing services at Omak High School.  I serve students at the High School as a Student Assistance Professional.
Please contact me if you are wanting assistance regarding your student or want to learn more about the services that I provide.
Thank you,
Lesa Eiffert


According to 2016 Healthy Youth Survey, among 10th graders in Washington:

6% are tobacco users
13% e-cigarette use
3% use smokeless tobacco

Non-users – 77% reported earned mostly As and Bs

Tobacco users – 49% reported earned mostly As and Bs
E-cigarette users - 56% reported earned mostly As and Bs
Smokeless tobacco users – 58% earned mostly As and Bs

Non-smokers – 16% reported cutting class or skipping school

Tobacco users – 49% reported cutting class or skipping school

Non-users  – 30% report depression

Tobacco users – 59% report depression
E-cigarette users – 50% report depression
Smokeless tobacco users – 48% report depression

Non-users  – 18% report contemplating suicide

Tobacco users – 51% report contemplating suicide
E-cigarette users – 39% report contemplating suicide
Smokeless tobacco users – 36% contemplating suicide

Non-users  – 16% report using alcohol

Tobacco users – 78% report also using alcohol
E-cigarette users – 67% report also using alcohol
Smokeless tobacco users – 75% report also using alcohol

Non-users – 13% report using marijuana

Tobacco users – 76% report also using marijuana
E-cigarette users – 65% report also using marijuana
Smokeless tobacco users – 64% report also using marijuana

  • Source: Deb Drandoff, ESD 112 Prevention and Youth Services