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Welcome to Omak High School

The Omak High School Office Staff are dedicated to ensuring high levels of support for students, parents, and teachers. We each wear a variety of hats and you'll find that the main office, although a very busy place, is the hub of our school - the location for several resources available or information for whatever it is you may need. We take pride in our school and are here to to assist all parents, students, staff and community members in a friendly and professional manner as they enter our school building and hope to make your visit at OHS a positive experience.

It is always a pleasure to see former students return to our building, signing in as a visitor to reconnect with a former teacher, or tour the "old school" and check out the new facilities, (and it's fantastic when many of our alumni return to enroll their own sons or daughters in our school!) 

You'll find additional staff contacts, email addresses and website links located on the left of the web page. If you do not find what you are looking for, or need additional information and are not sure who to ask, when in doubt, call on high school secretary Donna Howe at 826-8503.

Omak High School welcomes parents/guardians, family members who would like to come in as a volunteer and help with special projects, events or activities happening at our school, however a volunteer packet & forms are required before we can allow that. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Donna Howe in the main office to pick up a packet or stop by the District Office for more information. 


 Donna Howe (Building Secretary)





826- 8503                                    


 Marti Harris (Attendance Secretary)





 Maria Desjardins (ASB Secretary/Bookkeeper)





Office main phone: 826-5150

Attendance Office: 826-8555

Fax Number: (509) 826-8515


Omak High School Main Office Hours:

Monday through Friday we are open for business from 7:30am - 3:30pm


Note: On early release days or Student Led Conference days the office hours may vary because the office staff may be attending in-service training, or meetings/workshops offered. Please feel free to call ahead if you know you will need their assistance on those days, and arrange an appointment. Thank you.


Morning Bell, Morning School Business:

The office is open before school each day at 7:30am for our students to take care of attendance matters; turn in their excused absence notes to the attendance office, or pre-arranged notes for a future absence, or to pick up their off-campus pass for an appointment scheduled for any time that day, and to take care of any financial or other school office matters.


Students who come in after 7:55am run the risk of being tardy to their 1st period class. Please help to remind students to avoid tardies to 1st period, they should plan ahead and arrive to school earlier if they have to take care of their attendance matters in the office before the warning bell rings. Thank you


Helpful Attendance info:

Students who have been reported or marked absent that day and return to school later, should first check in at the main office immediately upon return for their re-admit slip. (even if the student returns during lunch break). If unsure, always check at the office first.


Students are required to bring a written note in order to get a Pre-arranged absences excused. Extended leave has to be approved by school administrator first. (The note must be turned into the attendance office prior to the first bell of the day). Students are given a homework assignment sheet to take around to their teachers to fill out & get a copy made after it is filled out & turn it in to the attendance office. (Note; some teachers require the student make up the work upon return as the class may involve hands-on lab work, or class discussion or in-class only work, where their presence is required in the class or as a group to complete the work).


Homework - although encouraged to make-up upon return & to speak directly to his/her teacher....homework requests for absent students can be arranged by the students legal parent/guardian only either in person at the office or by calling into the attendance office, when reporting the absence, however we encourage you to log in first to Skyward Family access to see if there are any missing assignments due or to see if the teacher has posted the assignment on their page for that day or week.


Homework can be obtained if the student qualifies; such as, when there is an excused absence for 2 or more days, a Pre-arranged Field Trip (parent permission form required on record), or is authorized by HS Admin. due to another school related reason.

  • Only students with an excused absence (and if it is part of the teachers classroom policy) will be allowed to have homework or make-up work upon their return to school, although it is the students responsibility for arranging to get their homework or make-up work directly from their teacher upon return. (Review the teacher's classroom expectations/policy prior to requesting make-up work to see if it is permitted).

  • Parents/Guardians can do the following to obtain absence homework; (a) log into skyward family access to view the missing assignments on your student, (b) e-mail direct to the teacher (addresses on their skyward schedule) to request the assignment for that day for the absent student (provided you have contacted the school office first to report the absence as excused), (c) students have chrome books checked out and the homework assignments are posted on google classroom or docs., they have access through that piece of technology that we offer here at Omak HS. You can also email direct with teacher's.