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OHS Guidance & Counseling Team

Counseling Office (509) 826-8531
For Student Records FAX (509) 826-8554

  dhLee Morrison, Counselor
  (students with last names beginning with A-K)
  Office number: (509) 826-8526

Evon LaGrou

 Evon LaGrou, Counselor
 (students with last names beginning with L-Z)
  Office number: (509) 826-8536

 Lynell Morrison-Nelson, Educational Advocate
Lynell Morrison-Nelson


Lana Smith Lana Smith, Counseling Secretary
  (509) 826-8531
  Records FAX: (509) 826-8554


Jordan Sackman  Jordan Sackman, Family Engagement Specialist
  Office number: (509) 322-9361



High school juniors and seniors: take steps now to prepare for the future 

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s tempting to put off planning for the future. But there are steps you can take now to be ready when the time comes to continue your education. 

Class of 2021: 

  • It’s not too late to apply or change your path. There are many options for college and career training after high school. 
  • Heading to college in the fall? Remember to send in final transcripts, make deposits, and finalize paperwork. Don't worry, most colleges are being flexible about deadlines.
  • Double-check your FAFSA status—you may need to update your taxes or provide additional documents. If you filed a WASFA, check with the financial aid office to make sure your application is complete. And let them know if your family's financial situation has changed.

Class of 2022: 

  • Start looking into career paths and learn more about what kind of education you may need after high school. 
  • Senior year is a busy time! Working on application essays is a great way to get started on college applications during remote learning.
  • Consider dual credit programs, which allow you to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Students who earn college credit are more likely to graduate high school, enroll in college, and complete college degrees. 
Learn more and plan your future on the Washington Student Achievement Council website. 

Records Requests for Omak High School Students
Fax 509-826-8554

Tutoring options available after-school:
Teachers: check with your teacher and schedule a time to meet; this is the first step for tutoring.
Academic Tutoring Services: 
     ○ Counselor – Jordan Sackman (Students last name beginning with A-K)
     ○ Counselor – Evon LaGrou (Students last name beginning with L-Z)
     ○ Athletes --   check in with Athletic Director, Mr. LaGrou or parents may call
                             him at (509) 826-8369.
GEAR-UP: For more information contact Charles Zeller at (509) 826-8517.
JOM/Title VII: Available for our Native American students, contact Katie Seyler
                           at (509) 826-8514. 

2014 Career Guidance Award of Excellence