Attendance Policy

Attendance Rule: 10 min or later tardy is an unexcused absence rule eff. 1/22/13

 Attendance Rule: 48 hr rule excusing absences  eff 1/24/12 


 Attendance Secretary: Marti Harris


attendance number is (509) 826-8555

(You can leave your absence message on the attendance phone voice mail system at any time)


Attendance Policy (student handbook page  9 )


The new policy to be aware of as a family is our attendance procedures revision. Omak
High School staff and administration are concerned at the number absences some
students have, and the impact it has on their achievement. It also has a detrimental impact
on the students with good attendance when classroom teachers have to spend valuable
time on reviewing information, and preparing to catch up absent students. It is critical if
we are to meet state, federal, and local student success expectations that students be in a
class where the learning and instruction takes place.

We know that families and students have a variety of issues that come up that cause a
student to be absent. Currently, excusable absences are only granted for illness, medical
appointments (to be scheduled before or after school if possible), family emergencies,
religious observances, court attendance as required by law, school sponsored activities
such as field trips and athletic events, short-term suspensions, and pre-arranged approved
absences. (“Needed at Home”, “Out of town”, “Slept in” and “Personal” absences are
not accepted as excused unless there is further explanation and they are for an excusable
reason as indicated immediately above.)

 10 Class Absence Procedure. Ten absences in any
one period during a semester will be considered excessive absences and has a
detrimental impact on student learning. Students who approach the 10 class
absences (both unexcused and excused) in a semester will need to meet with building
principal or designee and the parent/guardian to discuss options to reduce further
absences. Conferences will be requested at 7 absences to develop a contract to
reduce absences and increase student success. Consequences for further absences
(beyond 10) may mean, required doctor notes, utilizing pre-arranged absences with
principal approval, reduced credit, removal from class, placement in alternative
education program, reducing or changing of schedule.

We know with a team approach to ensuring our student success, and early planning for
doctor appointments, postponing family vacations to school holidays, and setting other
appointments outside of school, we can ensure your student gets the support they need to
be a success. If you have questions, you may call the office directly for more information.


School attendance is the responsibility of students and parents. Absences may be excused in two
ways—either by written note (preferred) or by calling 826-8555 or 826-5150 x555. The school
must be notified of the absence within two days of the student's return to school and note/call
must include student name, guardian’s name, reason for and date of absence.

• illness
• medical appointments, although please try to schedule for before/after school
• family emergencies
• religious observances
• required court attendance
• school sponsored activities (i.e. field trips and athletics)
• short-term suspensions
• Pre-arranged absence: Absence that is for reason indicated above or is otherwise
educational in nature. These must be requested and approved through the attendance
office at least one day prior to the absence. Approval will be granted by administration
if the absence will not adversely affect the student’s academic progress. Teacher
signatures on the prearranged form DO NOT indicate their approval, only their
awareness of the upcoming absence. Students (and parents) who choose to be absent
though the absence is not approved, must accept an unexcused absence and its
consequences. Pre-arranged absences will not be approved for HSPE, EOC or other testing
times or for a senior’s final week prior to graduation.

Upon returning from any extended absence, please submit a doctor’s note to the


• Absences that do not qualify as excused. Make-up work will not be allowed.
• If ten (10) or more unexcused absences occur within the school year, regular meeting will
be held by the administration to discuss whether enrollment in those classes shall
continue and to start the BECCA procedures (see page 10).
• Absences will impact attendance at dances, and athletic participation.
Note: Truancies are unexcused absences that the parent is unaware of. Make-up work will not
be allowed.

Being on time is a skill needed throughout life, Omak School District expects students to be on
time. Tardiness without admit slip from another teacher, counselor, or administrator will be
considered unexcused. Each tardy will result in thirty minutes of detention time to be completed
after school.

Additional Information

Passes: An ON-CAMPUS pass must be carried at all times when you leave the
classroom, except during passing times between blocks or during lunch. An OFF
CAMPUS pass must be obtained if you need to leave campus during the school day.
Please report to the Attendance Office so that an off-campus pass may be approved. You
must sign out when leaving campus during or between classes, and sign in when
returning. If you leave for lunch, knowing that you have a commitment that will make
your return from lunch late, you must also follow sign out procedure. Please note that we
have an OPEN CAMPUS during lunch only. At all other times, campus is closed.

Illness: If you become ill at school, please report to your class and then to the
Attendance Office to make arrangements. Students missing school for more than one
week, or for several days each week for medical reasons, must bring verification from a
Doctor so that the school can work with the student and parents to develop an alternative
program to continue the students’ education. (OSD Board Policy #3122P)

Make-Up Work: It is the responsibility of the student to complete all work missed
during any absence and turn it in at a reasonable time as identified by the teacher in
his/her class room expectations.  Check Skyward Family Access for missing assignments.

You can email the teachers directly from Skyward Family Access and Chromebook. 

Participation in activities after absence: Students absent from class, for any number of
periods, on the day of any activity are ineligible to participate in activities that day unless
given approval by the principal or designee. This rule applies to any absence, whether
excused or unexcused.

• Attendance Office: The Attendance Office is there for a reason, use it. Check in if you
have been absent or late to school and when you are leaving school for any reason during
the school day (other than for lunch during the regular lunch hour). Arrangements for
guest passes or prearranged absences are also taken care of here. If you are withdrawing
from school, you need to contact the attendance office to begin the process.


BECCA LAW: Omak High School is required to follow the guidelines of the Washington State
BECCA LAW. If a student has five or more unexcused absences and/or truancies in a single
month, or ten within a school year, the district is legally obligated to refer the student to the
Okanogan Juvenile Court System for action. (Please note that BECCA referrals are sent based on
all unexcused absences, not just on truancies.)

TRUANCY is an absence from any class, part of class or series of classes without prior
permission and/or approved excuse. The following types of absences could be considered

1. Skipping or cutting class, oversleeping, missed bus, etc
2. Excessive or repeated tardiness
3. In hall without a pass or in area not identified on pass
4. Leaving class and/or school without permission


Please remember, that in no case will truant or suspended students be allowed to participate in
any activities on the days of truancy or suspension.
1st -4th OFFENSE:
a. Conference with student and/or parent/guardian reviewing rules and the reasons for
b. Parent may be notified by phone or letter.
c. One hour of detention per thirty minutes missed, or one day of in school suspension for
50% or more of the classes missed per day.
d. Recorded toward potential BECCA REFERRAL and/or TRIBAL REFERRAL
5th OFFENSE: Same as 1st-4th offense, plus BECCA referral will be started in not already
in place.