Photo of Highlands building

Highlands High School 

318 W. 2nd Ave.   Phone: (509) 826-8504     
Fax:(509) 826-8532

 Full Time Highlands High School and Apex

  A full time Highlands High School (including students with Apex courses) student must be      enrolled for 3 class periods and must complete a .5 (half) credit each 4 weeks the student is enrolled at Highlands High. The time period begins with the student’s enrollment date.

    Outreach students are required to meet the same standards as the full-time students with the exception of meeting with the teacher for one hour a week and 24 hours of homework completed at home.

(Apex is online courses with the student enrolled at Highlands High School as either a full time or part time.)

Success Academy

    Success Academy is a credit recovery program at Highlands High School. The expectation for a Success Academy student (including students with Apex courses) is to complete a .5 credit in a course in a semester.


Principal, Guinevere Joyce 

Secretary, Rebekah Pfitzer
rpfitzer@omaksd.org  (509)826-8504

Teacher, Nick Popelier
npopelier@omaksd.org (509)826-8366

Teacher, Eric Simmons
esimmons@omaksd.org (509) 826-8547