Site Council

Omak High School Site Council
An opportunity for you to be heard, get involved, and contribute to the growth and direction of OHS 

We invite all parents, staff, students and community members to join us for quarterly meetings and to share your ideas and share in the discussion towards helping our school be a successful learning environment for our students.

PURPOSE: The duty of the site council is to review the activities, necessary human and material resources and budget that will improve student learning in the school.

ROLE: To review the decisions made at Omak High School for improvement of student learning, while helping to promote teamwork between and among other district buildings, students, parents, staff, administration, and the community.

MEMBERSHIP: Administrators, teaching staff, classified staff, parent(s), school board member, and ASB President and student school board representative.

AUTHORITY: At level 3 decision making and above to include direction setting, long range planning, dialogue, recommending and evaluating, and advocacy (including at the district level).


  • Level One: School Board, Superintendent, Principal, makes decision
  • Level Two: Administrative Decision Making with Input from Staff
  • Level Three: Decision by staff
  • Level Four: Decision making authority given to specific committee 

Meeting Dates:
When:  Oct. 3, Dec. 5, Feb. 6, Apr. 17  

Time:     6 PM
Where:  HS Library


  • Suicide training
  • Parent questions
  • End of year information
  • Next year information

If you would like to be involved in this committee please contact Donna Howe ( or call 826-8503 for more information.  

Site Council Committee Role and Purpose