Athletic Survey

Welcome, students! Take the Athletic Survey as directed by your teacher:

1.What school do you attend?
2.What grade are you in?

3.Today's date
4.Are you
5.Do you currently participate in a sport at school?
6.If you do participate in a sport, list the sport(s) below:
7.If you do not participate in a sport, why not?

8.If you selected "other" reason, please describe:
9.Do you currently play a sport outside of your school sports program? For example, a sport offered by a community center, a select team, or a club team?
10.If you do play a sport outside of the school program, list the sport(s) below:
11.Are all sports that you are interested in playing offered at your school?
12.Would you participate in the following sport(s) if the opportunity were available to you? Select up to 4 sports - DO NOT select a sport you are already playing at your school!

13.If there was another sport not listed above that you would like to play, please list below:
14.(OPTIONAL) Additional comments or concerns you would like to share about your interest in athletics.
15.(OPTIONAL) If you would like to be contacted to discuss your responses to this survey or to share your interest in adding a sport, please print your name below: