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Welcome to Omak High School Athletics!

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Omak High School - Home of the Pioneers
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Red & Black

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As a student in the Omak School District, you have the opportunity to represent your school, your community, your team and yourself by your participation in a sport sponsored by the Omak School District.  

You are required to meet Omak School District requirements in regard to grades, attendance, and positive behaviors in order to represent your school. Participation in athletics is a subordinate activity to your academic pursuits. Please keep in mind that completion of your academic requirements supersedes your athletic activities. This means that attentiveness to your classroom responsibilities comes before participation in athletics.

There is no off-season for athletes in the Omak School District.  Being an athlete is not a sometime thing.

You represent our community's image of student athletes and sportsmanship while attending Omak Schools.  Therefore, your "Good Sportsmanship" toward your teammates, coaches, competitors, officials and spectators is important at all times. 

In addition to the athletic code, you will be expected to follow a coach's standard of athletic participation for each sport in order to compete.  You will need to comply with both standards during a sport season.  You will be expected to serve as an example of good discipline, positive leadership, and personal integrity for the younger students in the district.

 Be proud of your athletic efforts and commitment while representing Omak.

TO:                  Parents/Guardians

FROM:             High School / Middle School Athletic Director, Joe LaGrou

RE:  This document is being sent home for you and your son/daughter to read and sign.  It is our guide for making it clear what rules and philosophies will be followed in our school's extracurricular programs.  It has been noted that coaches and schools that use a specified code maintain the most consistent discipline.  They also seem to continually have the best teams and overall programs.  We want to be firm, and at the same time ensure fairness to each individual.  We have their interest as an individual, as well as the total program, to keep in mind.  It is our intention to increase communication between home and school, as well as maintain high standards for our athletic program.  We hope you will support us in our efforts to maintain strong programs in our school.

Participants will sign the Student Honor Code every year as part of the normal registration procedure at Omak High School.


The athletic program is an integral part of the total educational effort provided by the Omak School District. To be successful, the athletic program requires a partnership between student athlete, parent/ legal guardian, coach, and administration.  This partnership MUST BE based on honesty, mutual respect, and open communication.

The Omak School District athletic program is intended to provide students at all levels an opportunity to achieve excellence through participation in sports, while maintaining a strong emphasis on academic excellence to ensure that students have the skills needed to become productive, positive citizens.  The principles concerning competitive participation shall include development of physical fitness, skills and abilities, mental alertness, self-discipline, leadership, high self-esteem, good sportsmanship, knowledge, and appreciation for success in a particular sport. Coaches and athletes are expected to give their best at all times.

Sportsmanship and fair play are intrinsic to the athletic program and will always be important in our goal of gearing all activities to the highest level of achievement possible.


1.  The athletic program is voluntary and open to all students who are in compliance with the honor code, to participate in any program they and their parents feel is beneficial to the student, without any pressure from school personnel or students.  Encouragement is not considered pressure.  Student participation is encouraged, but intimidation or undo recruiting from other activities is unacceptable.  Students will not be penalized for participation or non-participation in "out of season" activities which are provided for the enrichment of the participant and should be at his/her option.

2.  All students in compliance with the honor code are encouraged to participate in the athletic program. Placement of the athlete at the varsity, junior varsity, or developmental team level shall be determined solely by the coaches for the particular sport.  Participation at the various levels will be based on the commitment, attitude, current skills and ability, and past and current performance of the student athlete.  Every effort will be made to ensure that there is maximum participation in our programs.  The coach is considered a teacher who is there for the athlete.

3.  To support the idea of continual improvement as coaches and athletes, we are open to evaluation and feedback.