Graduation Requirements

Omak High School Graduation & Requirements

Graduation requirements vary slightly from year to year, but will always be in agreement with Omak School District Policy #2410 and 2410P and Washington state law.

State lawmakers recently changed requirements, and this is the updated list adopted by the Omak School Board in summer 2016:

Classes of 2019 & Beyond

  ‚Äč# of Credits:      Type of Class:
                    4                                         English
                    3                                         Math *(based on the WASL/HSPE success)
                    3                                         Science (1 Lab Science Required)
                    3                                         History- PNW, World, US, CWP
                    2                                         PE & Health
                    2                                         Fine Arts
                    1                                         Career & Technical
                    2                                         World Language or Personalized Pathway
                    6                                         Electives
            Required                               High School and Beyond Plan
            Required                               Statewide Assessment

       Total Credits: 26